Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Is a building permit required and who is responsible for obtaining the permit?
A. A permit is required in most cases. As a state certified contractor, Master Garage Builders will obtain the building permit. The only exception is for pre-built kits. If you purchase a kit we aren't able to pull the permit because we aren't doing the work; however we do provide you with the necessary engineering and can help guide you through the permitting process.

Q. Can I locate the building anywhere on my property?
A. Unfortunately no. Check with your local zoning department to determine what the zoning requirements and setbacks are for your property. Setbacks refer to the distance a building must be from property lines and or easements. Also check to see if your site is in a flood zone. If so, there will be additional requirements (flood vents, elevation certificates, etc) in order to meet FEMA regulations.

Q. How do your prices compare with other builders?
A. If comparing apples to apples our prices are typically much less than other state certified contractors. Since a garage has to virtually meet the same building code as a single family residence and because obtaining engineering and the building permit can be time consuming; most state certified contractors would rather concentrate their efforts on larger projects, unless of course they’re able to make an excessive profit.

Q. Why are your prices less than the average builder?
A. For one, garages and accessory buildings are all that we build. Our system of pre-building our buildings in a controlled environment enables us to better control costs resulting in less waste. We also manufacture our own engineered trusses instead of purchasing them from an outside truss company like most builders do. In addition, we already have the required engineering for our buildings so we don't incur engineering costs each time we sell a building. We also strongly believe in giving our customers the best possible value for their money.

Q. What is the difference between your buildings and a portable shed?
A. Our buildings meet or exceed the 2020 Florida Residential Building Code, which is the same code a new home has to meet. In addition, our buildings are built on a concrete monolithic slab with footings and are therefore permanent. Most sheds are built on wooden floors and are thus considered portable and unlike a permanent building, they will not typically add value to your property.

Q. Will your buildings withstand hurricane force winds?
A. Yes. Our buildings are engineered to a basic wind speed of 150 mph (3 second gust), which meets or exceeds the maximum wind speed for the majority of the state. We also have engineering for wind zones that exceed 150 mph where required.

Q. How much can I save by purchasing a pre-built kit and doing it myself?
A. On average you can save around $10 per SF. Our kits are delivered to you pre-built so they can be assembled rather quickly. We also provide you with the engineered drawings and an easy-to-read installation guide, so doing it yourself is easier than you might think.



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